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Our guides' top priority is to ensure that you will take homememories which will last a lifetime. Our expertise sets usapart from the other tour companies, as we do not hire inexperienced Yellowstone guides. Our knowledgeable guidesknow the wildlife and the habitat which enhances yourlikelihood of viewing a specific species.

Yellowstone is a very unique and scientifically complicatedenvironment, and we are able to help you gain an under-standing of the active and sometimes violent geology forwhich the Park is famous. Kids are amazed as they learnabout Yellowstone's Caldera, one of the largest volcanoes inthe world, while helping to spot wildlife. Our guides feel it isimportant to learn about Yellowstone as a whole includingthe wildlife, geology, the very primitive hot spring biology,forest ecology, and history, all of which play an importantrole in the Park's ever changing ecology. Every one of ourguides is fascinated by the Park and strives to continue theireducation to help enhance your visit.

T. Scott Bryan: Scott is the author of "Geysers of Yellowstone", "Geysers, what they are and how they work" and is considered Yellowstone's top expert on geysers. Scott has been an Interpretive Ranger and has frequented Yellowstone since the 60's. Scott has been guiding with us since 2004.

Dennis Paterson: Dennis has been guiding in Yellowstone since 1971, summer and winter. Dennis has also worked on the fires of '88. Dennis has been guiding with us since 2003.

Bill Hieselmann: Bill has been guiding since 2007, and is filming for an upcoming documentary, and has completed a couple of Yellowstone videos to date. Bill was also raised in the area.

Scott Barlow: Scott has been guiding with us since 2005 and in Yellowstone since 1998.

Dave Nieck: Dave has been guiding in Yellowstone since 2004 and with us since 2007. Dave also has a rental house available in the West Yellowstone area near Hebgen lake. Call him at 937-231-8130 for reservations in one of the houses.

Rob Patterson: No relation to Dennis, Rob has been guiding off and on for 3 years, and was raised in the area. Rob has been guiding for us since 2007.

Jim Holstein: Jim has been guiding since 1991, and was also involved with the fire's of '88. Jim has been guiding for us since 2001.

Doug Holstein: A brother of Jim's Doug was also raised in the Yellowstone area and has been guiding since 1994.

All of our guides has been to seminars and/or in the field with some of the top scientists studying Yellowstone. With Scott Bryan, who is considered the park's top expert on the geysers, we have a guide team here in Big Sky that cannot be matched anywhere else in the Yellowstone area. If you truly want to learn about Yellowstone and its complex geology and microbiology, and to learn about this truly unique and wild ecosystem, we invite you to join us one of our sightseeing tours.

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