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Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe Tours

It's a quick drive to Yellowstone's Gallatin District from Big Sky, and it's here that we can find backcountry trails for al abilities.  Beginners have the choice of 3 trails, all offering great scenery, and one offering a glimpse of the Gallatin Petrified Forest. More advanced skiers have a coupld of options as well, and the Gallatin Mountain Range makes for great scenery which ever trail you choose.  Snowshoe trips are available as well.  Early morning trips will include some wildlife viewing first. Cross country skiing may also be an option in the Northern Range with your overnight trip.

Adults: $150.00
Seniors & Children: $125.00 (up to 5 passengers)

Private Tours for up to 6: $600

Rates do not include the park entrance fees, meals or guide's gratuities.

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