2 and 3 Day Wolf/ Wildlife-Viewing Tours

(Early November through late June)

If you are looking for a quick and wild weekend getaway, fly into Bozeman, MT, and we will take you for a 2 (or 3) day trip to Yellowstone’s Northern Range. Most of Yellowstone’s visitors head to Old Faithful during the winter, where the wildlife heads to the north side for easier feeding. Lodging is at Chico Hot Springs, Gardiner or Cooke City, MT.

Enjoy a walk and/ or cross country ski through the terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs, ski to Tower Falls and soak in hot waters. On the north side of the park, the lodging is more rustic and isolated. Please let us know if you want to upgrade your lodging for a nominal fee. The numbers of wildlife at dawn and dusk is staggering in the winter, all in an area with less visitation.

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the best months for viewing wolves

December, January, February and early March are the best

The quietest month of the year is November, this is the month where most of the park is closed, and the Northern Range is all that is open. Large predators can be hit and miss at this time of year, because they often follow hunters outside of the park. Our guides actually like November, because this is the only month left where we can cover a 50 mile stretch of highway, twice, and often see less than 30 other vehicles (most admin). No people!

December, January, February and early March are the best months for viewing wolves, as they become easier to find with the often deep snow pack. As we roll into March, the Grizzly Bears begin to emerge. As we head into April, the bear sightings become more numerous as the month goes on. The wolves will be denning with this year’s pups, and the first baby bison will arrive before the end of the month. On the 3rd Friday in April, we begin our summer season, as the roads reopen to Old Faithful, Canyon and West Yellowstone. This allows us to move around more, and see more things as well.

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The crowds really pick up in May as this is the best month of the year for viewing bears and baby bison. The snow pack often holds throughout May, keeping large numbers of animals at the lower elevations along the roads.

In June, all of the baby animals have been born and are cute. The crowds are back as well. 2 days, one night, 2 day private tour and one night’s lodging the rate is $2000 Double occupancy. $2400 Quad occupancy with a $300 per additional person up to six persons. 3 day, 2 nights tour is $3000 Double occupancy and $3500 Quad occupancy with a $300 per additional person up to six persons.

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