Yellowstone Winter Tours

Winter Wildlife Adventure: Early November through mid-April

If you have seen Old Faithful in the wintertime, and you want to see more animals, you may want to consider the Winter Wildlife Adventure. Yellowstone Tour Guides will travel via Bozeman and Livingston to Yellowstone’s famed Northern Range, home to 70% of the park’s wintering wildlife. This trip will often see bigger numbers of animals (except humans), and a much larger variety of species. Elk, bison, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail deer, eagles and coyotes are seen on almost every trip. Wolves are fairly common as well, and some trips in late March and early April will be treated with some of the first grizzly and black bear sightings of the year. We also visit one of Yellowstone’s most beautiful thermal features, Mammoth Hot Springs, where we almost always have the boardwalk to ourselves. Undine Falls, the Roosevelt Arch and the Albright Visitors Center and Museum round out a day full of wildlife. Most days we will see thousands of animals, both inside and outside the park. Departure times vary so that we can be in the right places at the right time of day. Contact us today to learn more!

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plowed and open year round

The Northern Range is in the park’s lower elevations

This section of Yellowstone is plowed and open year round, and snowmobiles and snowcoaches are not permitted in the portion of the park. The Northern Range is in the park’s lower elevations, and therefore receives less snow, which is ideal for wild animals to find food. Private Tours can make this trip more active by adding a cross country ski trek on the groomed Upper Terrace or Tower Falls trails. Early and late season trips may include a backcountry hike to be more active as well. All tours are private and will focus on wildlife. Two or more day trips may focus on photography or add in across country ski trip.

Big Sky guests may tie this trip in with an airport shuttle at the start or end of your Yellowstone trip at no extra cost. Common Wildlife: Elk, bison, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mule deer, whitetail deer, eagles, coyotes are seen on most trips. Wolves and swans are common as well. Moose, grizzly bears and black bears have also been spotted on this trip on occasion as well. The bears become more common in mid March trough April.

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Private Tour Rates (no group tours in the winter)

Winter Wildlife Adventure: Early November through mid-April

From Bozeman and Livingston: $800 for 1-3 people
From Bozeman and Livingston: $900 for 4-6 people

From Big Sky: $950 for 1-2 people
From Big Sky: $1050 for 3-4 people
From Big Sky: $1150 for 5-6 people

4% tax not included from Big Sky **Not available from West Yellowstone

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Multi Day Rates:

For the best wildlife sightings, we recommend 2 or more days so you can be out in the field at first light,
when the sightings are at their best. Multi day trips include lodging in Gardiner or Cooke City, MT.

From Bozeman or Big Sky: 2 Day adventure $2800 for 1 to 3 people; $3200 for 4-6 people add $250 per hotel room, per night
From Bozeman or Big Sky: 3 Day adventure $3800 for 1 to 3 people; $4200 for 4-6 people add $250 per hotel room, per night
From Bozeman or Big Sky: 4 or more day adventure Add $800 per extra day and $250 per hotel room per night.

Rates do not include the park entrance fees, meals, guide’s gratuities or (4% tax from Big Sky only).

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: This trip is 300 to 380 miles round trip, depending on where we turn around

Vehicles used: Mini vans and SUV’s. For those touring from Big Sky, you may want to consider taking this tour at the beginning or end of your trip, and stay in Bozeman to save some windshield time, as we do have to travel through Bozeman to get to the Northern Range. Two day trips are available so that we can get you in the right locations at the right time, and so you can add cross country skiing, a soak in the Boiling River or a day hike. Photography Instruction is also available with 2-day trips.

There are tours available to include the following:

  • 2 and 3 Day Wolf/ Wildlife-Viewing Tours.(Early November through late June)
  • Photography Tours and Instruction
  • 7-Day Photo Workshop
  • Back Country Ski Treks, In Yellowstone’s Gallatin District
  • Multi Day Vacation Packages, Big Sky Jackson Hole Ski Vacations (12/20 through 03/10)
  • Day Trips to Jackson Hole or Grand Targhee Resorts
  • Multi Day Sightseeing and/or Photography Tours
  • Big Sky to Jackson Hole Ski trips (Available from 12/15 through 03/15.)
  • Sightseeing / Photography Tours

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