Yellowstone Lava Creek Adventure 2-Day Backpacking Tour

2 days, longest day is 3.5 miles​

This is the perfect backpacking trip for your first time little backpacker. Day one begins with a visit to Undine Falls, (and Wraith Falls optional). The trek on day 1 is about 1 ½ miles to the campsite, with view of Undine and Lower Undine Falls on the way to camp. The campsite is great for kids, and offers areas to explore.

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This is a point A to point B trek.

$350 per person, 5 total miles, 10 years old and younger free

The next morning after breakfast, we pack up and head a little over 2 ½ miles to the Boiling River for a soak before the last ¾ of a mile out the trailhead. This Yellowstone trip is rated easy, bring fording shoes for the soak in the Boiling River. Up to 5 people per trip.

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