Yellowstone Backpacking

ready to explore the natural wonders of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone can see over 4.1 million visitors in a year, 97% of the park’s visitors never make it more than a ½ mile from a road. Only 3% of the park has been developed. This means only 3% of the park’s visitors make into the park’s backcountry.

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Discover the Untamed Beauty of Yellowstone National Park

discover hidden gems that only few have seen

Yellowstone has just as many, if not more wonders away from the roads as it does near the roads. Intriguing and colorful geyser basins, huge waterfalls, grand vistas and remote lakes.

We have 3 backcountry guides, one of which has been in Yellowstone’s backcountry since the early 1980’s, one who splits her time in Yellowstone and guiding climbs on Mt Rainier, and the third is a professional photographer in Yellowstone and has been exploring the Yellowstone area backcountry since the early 2000’s.

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Experience the Magic of Yellowstone Backpacking Tours

We have Yellowstone trips that cater to all abilities, from beginners and kids, the hard core and advanced hikers…and everyone in between. We offer a scheduled schedule for those who are late in making their reservations and private treks that are catered to your group’s interests and desires.

We have all of the latest rental gear you could need, or you are welcome to bring your own. Our guides are extensively trained in wildlife safety and protocols, ensuring a safe enjoyable trip. Guides are also certified Wilderness First Responders, one is even a registered nurse, so in the event of a rare injury, you are in good hands.

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Book Your Trip Directly on Our Website

Unlike many of the outfitters, we do not rely entirely on freeze-dried meals. We have put together a menu of great fresh foods, mixed with some freeze-dried meals for the long er trips, taking advantage of fresh berries during the berry season, and tons of research to elevate out backcountry meals.

There are several backcountry operators that do not use local guides, and with the uniqueness of Yellowstone, the thermal activity, the bear and wolf activity, we feel local guides who return year after year is important.

Why Choose Yellowstone Tour Guides?

When is the best time to book your backpacking adventure?

We recommend you contact our office between October and mid-February so that we are able to secure the best campsites for your dates.

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Don’t Miss Out on the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Classic Backpacking Tours / group and private treks

Every year we put together some classic backpacking treks, highlighted with our popular Bechler Trek. We offer these trips as private or group treks. Private treks should be booked prior to February 15th to ensure the best campsites.

These trips can be tailored to any ability. Durations can last from an overnight trip to over weeks.

The Bechler trip

This trip is best done from mid-August to mid-September. This classic tour. Click Here for our most up to date backpacking schedule for group tours, or private tour ideas.

Family Backpacking Tours

One thing we have noticed over the years, and is the fact kids love to backpack. We have been kids backpacking with us since the age of 7, who still go on trips today as they head through their high school years. Believe it or not, kids love being disconnected from their gadgets, and spending quality time with their family.

2 of our backpacking guides have been backpacking with their kids the past several years, and have come to find the kids love getting in the great outdoors, exploring the countryside, spotting antlers, and playing in creeks. Backpacking trips help kids learn about the great outdoors, how to survive and they love seeing areas of the park most people will never visit.

Our guides are great about teaching the older kids how to set up tents, cook outdoors, and wildlife safety. They will learn about how camp in bear country, the proper way to store food, where to place the tents and campfire safety.

Our favorite park of family backpacking adventures, is watching families come together, and to enjoy each other’s company. Without the I-pads, work schedules, phones, etc. Backpacking gets families together while hiking and camping. We have had families tell us that their backpacking trip has brought them closer together.

Of course, there is stargazing as well. The stars are at their best in the backcountry far away from any city lights. We have had a couple of family trips that got to see a meteor show and the Northern Lights.

Some trips will visit backcountry thermal areas, so they can learn about the volcano, how thermal features are formed, along with safety in geyser basins. The Bechler Family trek even has legal hot spring soaks along the way, allowing for some play time in the water.

Ages 3 to 5: We have some super easy campsites in Yellowstone, some only ½ to 1 ½ miles from the road, on fairly level terrain.

Ages 6 to 10: Most kids can hike the same number of miles as their age, so a 6 six old should be able to handle 6 miles of hiking in a day. The older kids can take in some more mileage, and therefore allowing for a longer adventure. We can adjust the daily mileage to your kid’s abilities.

Ages 11 and up: As the kids get older, we have found many are able to handle many of the trips we offer for adults. We have had several different families trek the Bechler tour from ages 7 and up, spending up to 8 days in the backcountry. Because every day is an adventure on this trek, with new sites to see, kids often do great on these long treks.

2024 Backpacking Schedule

Chad And Dev Forge Cub Creek
If our schedule doesn’t match your schedule, we can often adjust our schedule, or schedule you in as long as you make a reservation prior to 02/15/24.

We also offer private family treks, that can be easy overnighters, or longer adventures. We also offer private treks for anyone as well. Just let us know your dates and ideas prior to 02/15/24.

05/18 through 05/22 M/D Black Canyon of the Yellowstone
$1400 per person. Recommended ages 15 and up

05/24 though 05/28 Easy Black Canyon/ Family
$1400 per person $900 for kids 14 and under. Recommended ages: 9 and up

07/21 through 07/26 M/D Sky Rim/ Family
$1800 per person Kids 14 and under $1000; recommended ages 10 and up

07/29 through 07/31. E/M Pebble Creek Family
$800 per person/ $500 per kid 14 and under; recommended ages 7 and up.

08/03 through 08/15 M/D Thorofare
$2800 per person boat shuttle included kids 14 and under $2000. Recommended ages 12 and up.

08/17 through 08/24 E/M Bechler Family
$2300 per adult/ $1400 for kids 14 and under. Recommended ages 7 and up.

08/27 through 08/30 E/M. Union Falls
$1200 per adult/ $900 for kids 14 and under. Recommended ages 10 and up.

09/03 through 09/09 M Bechler Fall trek
$1900 per person. Recommended ages 14 and up.

09/15 through 09/23 M/S Heart & Yellowstone Lakes
$2200 per person. Recommended ages 14 and up.

09/25 through 09/30 M Buffalo Lake

10/03 through 10/05. M Dunanda Falls

Contact us by emailing us at [email protected]
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