Gallatin Sky Rim Adventure

Start Date 06/28 for a 6 day trek or 07/01 for a 3 day trek. Ends on 07/03

The Gallatin Crest is home to some of the more rugged trails in the park, and some of the best views with high alpine lakes for our campsites most nights. We have 2 versions of this trek, with a six day version (we can also do a 5 day version if you are ok with starting with a 14 mile day).

Day one will begin with an easy start for a couple of miles before the trail begins to climb to our first campsite at East Specimen Creek, this day is 6.5 miles and day two to High Lake is 4.8 miles to High Lake, offering time for a day hike up the Sportman’s Lake trail in the morning. Our camp at High Lake offers commanding views of Electric Peak and more.

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trail will become more rugged

Yellowstone’s Gallatin District won’t disappoint

On day 3, the trail will become more rugged, with ridge-top views from time to time, with a couple of days with short mileage, and steep ups and downs and great views of the Paradise Valley and the Gallatin Mountain Range.

On Day 4, or day 1 for those starting the 3 day trip, will have a short mileage day from Crescent Lake to High lake, with time for a day hike to the top of Sheep Mountain. For those starting their trek, you will have a 8.5 mile trek to Shelf Lake, to meet the group from the six day trek.

Day 5 will start up one of arguably one of Yellowstone’s most scenic trails, the Skyrim Trail. We will climb to the top of Bighorn Mountain, with views in every direction of the Paradise Valley, the Spanish Peaks and Lone Mountain and Taylor Hilgard groups of the Madison Mountain Range, the Absorka Mountain Range and more. The trail continues along the rugged ridgeline through the Gallatin Petrified Forest before we drop into our campsite on Daly Creek, in our own private valley.

On day 6 there is an easy 3.5 mile hike out to Daly Creek or a more scenic 5.7 mile trek via Black Butte Creek, either way Yellowstone’s Gallatin District won’t disappoint.

Trek Notes: No major fords. Steep grades and terrain at times, snow patches are likely, light weight cramp-ons and trekking poles are advised (we will drop this advisory if most of the snow is gone). High elevation exposure is a risk on this trek, including sudden storms and exposure.

3 Day, $750 per person, children 10 and under free | 6 Day, $1400 per person, children 10 and under free

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