Yellowstone Bechler Adventure 6-Day Backpacking Tour

All trips are 6 days, 5 nights.​

Bechler Family Trek, 8/15 through 8/21 | Bechler Summer Trek, 8/25 through 8/31 | Bechler Fall Trek, 9/3 through 9/8

This backpacking trip has it all, and should be on every backpacker’s bucket list. A point A to point B trip, we begin early in the morning near Old Faithful, visiting Lone Star Geyser on our way to camp. The camp is an easy 6 1/2 miles in, and once things are set up, we will take an optional day hike to Shoshone Geyser Basin, an easy 5 miles round trip. The next day we will hike over the continental divide and the scenery will open up some as we drop into the Bechler River Canyon and the Ferris Fork Thermal Area. We will have an easy 2 to 2 mile day on day three, as we enjoy Ragged Falls, Albright Falls, and one of the most incredible hot spring soaks you will find on the planet.

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Family Trek: 7 Days, 6 nights: ​Up to 8 people

$1700 per person and ten years old and younger free

No rush on day three. Day four is a fairly easy 4 to 6 miles, with a couple of fords, and close up views of a couple of Yellowstone’s larger waterfalls, Iris and Colonnade. This Yellowstone tour continues to the mouth of the Bechler River Canyon and Iris Falls. The next morning begins with a trek along the Bechler Meadows, to two more of Yellowstone’s larger waterfalls, Dunanda and Silver Scarf Cascades. One more hot spring soak to round out the last evening in the woods. Did we mention the awesome view of the Tetons we have from the campsite?

The last day is a fairly level hike across the Bechler Meadows to the Bechler District Ranger Station, where the vehicles will be waiting for our drive back to Big Sky or West Yellowstone. This trip is rated moderate and most days are 6 to 9 miles, depending on the campsites we are able to secure. There are 3 fords on this trek. If you would like to shuttle your vehicle down to Idaho for the end of the trip, please plan on a 7th day prior to the departure.

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