Yellowstone Lake Family Trek

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This is an easy trek for kids ages 7 and up. This will be an educational trek with stories around the campfire with longtime Yellowstone Employees, including Jim Holstein, Rocco Poperellio and more to be named.

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Trek Rates: $900 per adult; $600 per child 15 and under. Ages 10 and under are free.

We will begin with a 30 minute boat ride across Yellowstone Lake. Here the kids will be allowed to explore the lake shore, campsite and possible take a day hike on the trail. In the evening, the local Yellowstone crew will be returning from a massive day hike, to share stories around the campfire, well into the evening. On our second day, we will have a fairly easy 2.5 miles to our next campsite along the lake, exploring the forest along the way. We will once again camp along the shores of the lake for one more night under the stars before we hike the 6.5 mile back out to the 9 mile trailhead. Kids between the ages of 7 and 12 are encouraged for this low mileage trek.

Trek Notes: Fording shoes are required for some creek crossings, fishing is available at each campsite. Stories from at least 2 of Yellowstone’s local historians. Boat ride is included. Kid activities are available.

Spaces Available: 8 out of 8

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