Thorofare/ Snake River Adventure

​08/04 through 08/13; 10 days, 9 nights, boat shuttle included

​We chose the busiest week of the year to start our trek to the farthest point from a road in the Lower 48. This is a long trip about 65 total miles, and the trek begins fairly easy for the first several days. The first day begins with a boat shuttle across Yellowstone Lake and an easy 5 mile trek to our first campsite along the shores of the Southeast Arm. On day 2 we will leave the lake, and travel up one of the park’s biggest and most remote valleys.

The scenery in the Thorofare is incredible, with large towering peaks above the wide open valley. Large streams and the Yellowstone River offer great views and opportunities for wildlife viewing. We will have an easy day of 5 miles or so once we reach the Thorofare Ranger Station. For our route out, we will be heading west along Lynx Creek to Mariposa Lake and the Snake River Canyon. We will follow the Snake River from near its source for the next few days to Yellowstone’s South Entrance, where the river first meets a highway.

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rated moderate to strenuous

boat shuttle included

This trip is rated moderate to strenuous due to the length of time away, some grades, several fords and a long time away from technology (which is good for the soul). If you would like to shuttle your vehicle down to the South Entrance, plan on an extra day prior to the trip.

Rates: $2200 per person for 10 days, 9 nights, boat shuttle included; Up to 10 people per trip

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