Yellowstone Wheelchair Accessible Backpacking Trips (Ages 5+)

It is so important to get kids connected with the outdoor world

​These trips are private trips and the sooner you can make your reservation, the more likely we can reserve the campsites. Younger kids are possible as well, depending on the child. It is so important to get kids connected with the outdoor world, and what better way to connect them than a backpacking trip. This also gives your family a chance to leave your technology at home, and connect with each other as well. The maximum distance is 3.5 miles, and we will travel at your child’s pace.

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Other Kid Friendly Sites​

Another Child Friendly Backpacking Trip Refer To: Lava Creek Adventure

There are many other kid friendly campsites that are 1 mile to 5 miles depending on your child’s ability. The sooner you make reservations, the more options we have to choose from. As always all backcountry sites are private. There are sites in the Gallatin District, along with most areas of the park, if you want to take in a mini backpacking trip, with a short, easy hike and solitude you won’t find in the front country. These trips are rated from easy to moderate.

With the shorter trips, backpacking can be a lot easier than you think! Let us know how many
miles from 1 to ? that you are comfortable hiking, and we choose a great site. We can also tie in backpacking to your multi day vacation sightseeing package. Instead of traveling large distances back to hotels, why not hike a mile or two into the backcountry for a private campsite? Backpacking rates are included with the multiday package rates, see our multi day vacation package page for more details.

Wheelchair Accessible Backpacking : Yellowstone does have a couple of sites that are wheelchair accessible, and our guides would be happy to help you with your special needs.

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