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Yellowstone is a very unique and scientifically complicated environment, and we are able to help you gain an understanding of the active and sometimes violent geology for which the Park is famous. Kids are amazed as they learn about Yellowstone’s Caldera, one of the largest volcanoes in the world, while helping to spot wildlife. Our guides feel it is important to learn about Yellowstone as a whole including the wildlife, geology, very primitive hot spring biology, forest ecology, and history, all of which play an important role in the Park’s ever-changing ecology. Every one of our guides at Yellowstone Tour Guides is fascinated by the Park and strives to continue their education to help enhance your visit.

All of our guides have been to seminars and/or in the field with some of the top scientists studying Yellowstone. If you truly want to learn about Yellowstone and its complex geology and microbiology and to learn about this truly unique and wild ecosystem, we invite you to contact us and join us on one of our sightseeing tours.

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Jim Holstein

Tour Guide

Jim was raised in the area, and first worked in Yellowstone in 1987 at the Lake Hotel. In 1988 he worked for the Gallatin National Forest on the Gardiner Ranger District, getting involved with the historic fires of that summer. After a couple of years of ski bumming in Big Sky, Jim then return to Yellowstone in 1991 as guide in the summer, and going year round shortly afterwards. Jim has been backpacking in the GYE since the early ‘80s, and has hiked more than 400 miles of Yellowstone’s backcountry trail system.

“As the years go by, I have enjoyed watching the evolution of this dynamic ecosystem, including the fires of ’88, the wolf reintroduction, along with a major change in Yellowstone’s winter use. I feel privileged to be able to be one of the handfuls of guides who lead trips 12 months a year, it’s amazing how quiet November and April can be before things get rolling for the winter and summer seasons. As the park’s visitation grows, I have been rediscovering the backcountry, and the solitude that is possible, even on the busiest of days.” ~ Jim

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David Reeves

professional photographer and guide

David was born and raised in Upstate New York. Though out his life, David dreamed of living in the mountains. In 2001, he took a leap of faith and moved to Big Sky, Montana to ski for a season. That ski season turned into over a decade of adventures. David has been a professional photographer and guide since 2007, guiding snowcoach, snowmobile, ski tours, wildlife adventure, and photography tours. David is a former EMT, worked with the local K9 Search and Rescue, certified Avalanche III, and former backcountry ski guide. David’s attention to fine detail and light, along with expert knowledge of the local wildlife, is making him one of the fastest rising professional photographers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He is nationally published photographer and has his work for purchase in galleries around Big Sky, MT.

“I really enjoy being away from the hustle of the busy roads in order to capture a one of a kind image. I’m extremely excited for the backpacking photography workshops. It will be a great way to provide our guests with the opportunity to get their own unique images. In addition, show them more of less known beauty that Yellowstone has to offer.” ~ David

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Scott Barlow

over 20 years of national park experience

Scott has over 20 years of national park experience worked in Denali, Glacier and Yellowstone National Park. He has a great love of nature and the natural processes that bring this about. He has enjoyed many miles on the trails of Yellowstone, hiking, backpacking, and cross country skiing through this Wonderland. With two years of guiding in Glacier National Park and many years of guiding in Yellowstone National Park, Scott has grown to appreciate the natural world. He is an Herbalist certified in Herbal Medicine Making and has been making soaps and salves for many years. He also is the owner of Alvin’s Amazing Alchemies.

“With a great love of guiding and the outdoors, I enjoy taking visitors on adventures in and amongst our Wild Spaces, especially when I get a group that wants to explore in the backcountry. Whether cross country skiing in the winter or day hikes in the summer, It is nice to get off the beaten path followed by most folks.” ~ Scott

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