Yellowstone Guided Ski Trips

We had noticed a survey where skiers are looking to avoid the crowds this ski season, by visiting more remote, small resorts. Montana and Wyoming offer great ma and pa ski areas, and we have put together some great ski trips, which allow you to sample them. We use smaller SUV’s and are able to carry up to 4 skiers per vehicle, with the gear, with a capacity of only 12 people per trip. We will also turn your ski trip into a winter outdoor vacation, with visits to Yellowstone National Park or the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area without the crowds.

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Montana and Wyoming

both have some remote roadways

Montana and Wyoming both have some remote roadways and some of these ski areas are accessed by some steep mountain passes. Our guides are experts driving in whatever winter throws our way. Here are two examples of ski tours Yellowstone Tour Guides has put together for you, with rates. Rates include all ground transportation, lodging & lift tickets. Keep in mind some of these areas are only open 2-4 days a week, so you may need to be flexible to get them all in.

After checking out some of these hidden gems of the Northern Rockies, you may reconsider skiing major resorts in the future. The more remote the ski area you will have much fewer people, no lift lines, and often powder up to the end of the day. Contact us to book your trip today!

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