2022 Yellowstone Backpacking Trips

Yellowstone backpacking trips give you the opportunity to experience the wonders of America’s first national park firsthand. Up to 97 percent of Yellowstone is backcountry, i.e., areas where the average visitor doesn’t get to venture into. Very few people get to see the park’s incredible backcountry and all the wildlife that call it home, but you get to see it all when you book a backpacking tour for the summer.

Here’s an introduction to the variety of guided Yellowstone backpacking tours.

Black Canyon of the Yellowstone Wildlife Adventure

Traversing one of Yellowstone’s great remote canyons, this adventure backpacking trek takes you into the heart of the Northern Range, which is full of wildlife. You’ll have the opportunity to view bison, black bears, coyotes, elk, grizzly bears, pronghorn, wolves and more. Enjoy gorgeous scenery every step of the way.

Gardner’s Hole Fishing or Day Hiking Adventure

This easy-to-moderate trek includes a stop at Gardiner’s Hole and a free day for fishing or hikes up Fawn Pass. You’ll take in incredible scenery along the way and wrap up the journey at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Wapiti Lake/Pelican Valley Adventure

One of the best Yellowstone backpacking trips you can take is the Wapiti Lake/Pelican Valley Adventure trek. This trip is long in terms of miles, but the terrain is easy to traverse. This trip takes you through one of the most heavily-populated areas of the park for bears, offering great backcountry thermal areas and wildlife habitats to explore.

Thorofare/Snake River Adventure

Enjoy the stunning scenery of the Thorofare in this long trek totaling 65 miles. You’ll traverse one of the park’s biggest and most remote valleys, trekking past large streams and the Yellowstone River to take in the scenery and spot wildlife in their natural habitat. You’ll also visit the Snake River Canyon, following the river from its source to Yellowstone’s South Entrance.

Bechler Adventure

If you’re looking for a backpacking trip that has it all, book your spot in a Bechler Adventure trek. You’ll visit Old Faithful and the Lone Star Geyser and then hike over the continental divide to take in the stunning scenery of the Bechler River Canyon and the Ferris Fork Thermal Area.

Heart Lake/Snake River Adventure

This trek begins at Heart Lake and the Heart Lake Geyser Basin, both of which offer great scenery. As the journey continues, you’ll hike to Mt. Sheridan and the Snake River to enjoy a hot spring soak.

Lava Creek Adventure

Backpacking with little ones? Take the two-day Lava Creek Adventure trek. You’ll visit Undine Falls with the option to visit Lake Falls. You’ll take an easy hike to your campsite for the night, featuring unmatched views of Undine and Lower Undine Falls. To wrap up the trip, you’ll stop by Boiling River to enjoy a comfortable soak surrounded by incredible scenery.

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