Coming to Yellowstone? Planning Ahead This Summer Is More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic is finally easing up, we have a vaccine and that means summer vacations are back in full swing. If you’re thinking about coming to Yellowstone this summer, planning ahead is more important than ever. Yours is not the only group that wants to get outside and experience the natural beauty Yellowstone has to offer! Read on to learn why coming to Yellowstone this year requires some serious advance planning—and how Yellowstone Tour Guides can help.

Summer 2021 is a busy season for Yellowstone already

The greater Yellowstone area is expecting beyond capacity visitation this summer. Rental cars and lodging are already filled up during several dates this summer, both inside and outside the park. As you can imagine, now that people are becoming fully vaccinated and are able and willing to travel, they’re planning trips to the park. Not only is it one of America’s most stunning natural wonders, but if you’re still virus-wary, the outdoors is the perfect place to visit. COVID-19 transmission is much less likely to occur when you’re outside, let alone hiking the backcountry with few other people in sight.

If that sounds good to you, let Yellowstone Tour Guides take you on a trip!

How Yellowstone Tour Guides can help you plan ahead

Why plan a vacation when Yellowstone Tour Guides can do it for you? This is the best time to let us plan your multi-day vacation. All you have to do is fly into Bozeman, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll plan your lodging, tours and even your alternate activities. Just tell us about your group—age, activity level and preferences—and we’ll suggest the perfect tours for you. That guarantees you’ll see a side of Yellowstone you’ve never seen before, with experienced guides who know and genuinely love the park.

As tour guides, we know exactly how to navigate the vastness of the park. The best way to see everything you want to see is to move around the area, cutting out the commuting hours to and from the same location. In fact, at least right now, we’ve been able to find lodging and all the amenities our clients want. However, we can’t guarantee that for much longer. Tours and amenities are booking up fast, so you need to act now! Otherwise, you risk missing out on everything Yellowstone has to offer.

In fact, our multi-day trips also travel opposite of the major traffic patterns. This is by design—it keeps you out of the worst traffic jams in the park (unless the wildlife decide to park themselves in the middle of the road, which is not unusual). That way, you can see everything this majestic space has to offer.If you want to spend your summer vacation where the buffalo, bears, birds and other natural wonders are, get in touch with Yellowstone Tour Guides today. We have a variety of trips for every age and level of athleticism. Remember, planning ahead this summer is more important than ever!