Having Trouble Finding Lodging in Yellowstone? Hit the Trail and Go Backpacking!

More folks are visiting Yellowstone National Park this summer than any other year we’ve seen. While we think it’s wonderful that families are experiencing one of America’s greatest treasures, all of the tourists are making lodging hard to come by. In fact, we’ve heard that some of the most popular lodging towns like West Yellowstone, Gardiner and Cooke City are completely booked some nights!

Instead of struggling to find a hotel room or Airbnb (plus paying exorbitant nightly rates), consider Yellowstone backpacking tours this summer. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about booking your backpacking adventure this summer.

Why go backpacking?

Visitors who haven’t backpacked or camped much might feel like backpacking through Yellowstone would be a bit daunting. These are a few reasons to step out of your comfort zone and go for it:

  • Avoid the crowds: Yellowstone had 3.81 million visitors in 2020, and that number is expected to be much higher this year. Additionally, 97 percent of those travelers never make it more than half a mile from the road! Instead of dealing with those throngs of people, hit the road and go backpacking.
  • See the true Yellowstone: With over 2 million acres of terrain, Yellowstone is larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. While that fact is difficult to fathom on its own, it’s harder to picture that only 3 percent of the park is fully developed. The only way to see the other 97 percent of the park—which features more geyser basins, waterfalls and other natural treasures—is to go backpacking.
  • Truly unplug from everything: Getting away from it all can be difficult, even if you’re spending the day in Yellowstone. The only way to fully escape from everyday stresses and today’s technology is to backpack through the park and sleep under the stars each evening.

Why book through Yellowstone Tour Guides?

Here are a few of the top reasons so many travelers love booking their Yellowstone vacations with us:

  • Our guides are trained: Some of the guides you’ll find at other tour companies are only outdoors lovers and not specifically trained in guiding tours. That’s not the case with us! All of our team members have undergone rigorous training to ensure they’re capable of leading groups.
  • We provide everything you need: Many of our guests don’t have their own camping gear—and that’s no problem! We rent out every piece of camping gear you’ll need for your journey. We even provide permits and can set up campsites to make your visit to the park even easier.
  • We have several options available: Regardless of how long you want to explore the park or where you want to go, we have a backpacking tour for you! We also have day backpacking tours for those who aren’t interested in camping overnight.

Talk to us today!

Now is one of the best times to backpack through Yellowstone—don’t miss your opportunity to experience it this summer! Please email [email protected] to reserve your Yellowstone backpacking tours or to learn more about visiting our beautiful part of the country.