Help Us Celebrate Yellowstone’s Birthday Each Year!

The National Park System has been called “America’s best idea,” and we just so happen to agree with this sentiment. We believe that there is no more valuable resource in all of the United States than the National Park System. The parks provide recreation, peace, escape and solitude to tens of millions of visitors each and every year, and they are consistently rated as one of the most popular recreational destinations in the world.

We are always happy to have an excuse to celebrate these spectacular places, so March 1 is one of our favorite dates on the calendar—it lets us slice into the cake and celebrate Yellowstone’s birthday! This year, Yellowstone’s 148th birthday was a typically huge celebration, and we were thrilled to celebrate our favorite park.

Birthday time is the best time
President Ulysses S. Grant can really be regarded as the “father” of beautiful Yellowstone. The heroic Civil War general had settled in to his presidency by the time he signed legislation creating the world’s first national park right here at Yellowstone. It was a truly momentous occasion in the history of conservation and preservation, and we are so pleased and proud that Yellowstone’s 148th birthday allowed us to keep up that tradition of celebrating these moments.

Our team of experienced tour professionals at Yellowstone Tour Guides is keenly aware of our stewardship and preservation role when it comes to our relationship with the park, so having some cake and ice cream every year on March 1 is really just a bonus to a job that we already consider to be the greatest in the entire country.

History of Yellowstone
The idea of Yellowstone was first understood by trappers, who came back east in the early 1800s with tales of a place that people really couldn’t believe—steam and geysers from the ground and the descriptions of the terrain were almost too much for a lot of people to comprehend. Later photographic expeditions confirmed what we now know to be true during Yellowstone’s 148th birthday celebrations: there really is no place on earth like this particular national park. Our team at Yellowstone Tour Guides could not be prouder to say that Yellowstone is our office, and we are pleased to come to work every single day and help millions of visitors share in its beauty and splendor.

A place like Yellowstone does not happen by accident. The features and the geography take hundreds of millions of years to form, but it takes special efforts and special people to make this into a “place” that people recognize, love and cherish. Yellowstone was and is a momentous achievement in the history of conservation, and its continued success is instrumental in communicating to the American people just how precious their lands are, especially their public ones.

At Yellowstone Tour Guides, we’re thrilled that you’re potentially planning a visit, and we hope you’ll give us a call so we can help you decide what sights and destinations to prioritize during your trip to Yellowstone!