September Is a Great Month for Backpacking!

Have you been waiting for an opportune time to hit the trails and go backpacking in Yellowstone National Park? You’ll have a great experience doing so at just about any time of year, but from our perspective, September is one of the best times of year to do it.

Here’s a quick overview of why we find September to be such an ideal month for backpacking:

  • Fewer people: The peak times of year for backpacking are July and August, due to the warmer weather and the fact that many kids are on summer break, so it’s a logical time for family vacations. However, by September, the kids are back in school, and the weather is just starting to cool off a bit. This means you can expect a lot less foot traffic out in the back country, so you can really enjoy the solitude you’ve wanted out of your excursion.
  • Everything’s still open: September is late enough in the season that you can expect a little more solitude along your route, but not so late in the year where you have to worry about trail closures, even up at altitude. Another month or two and snow starts to become a more realistic possibility, particularly up in mountainous areas, but in September you should still be seeing decent weather.
  • Cooler temperatures: Slightly cooler temperatures mean you might not need to carry quite as much water, and you have a much broader selection of clothing and gear you can wear and carry with you.
  • Night sky: If you’re going on overnight backpacking excursions, September is a better time of year to see the night sky than July or August. This is because the night comes sooner and lasts longer, allowing you to get a better show out of the stars. You’ll be able to get some great views of a clear, starry sky without having to stay up too late to do so.
  • Fall colors: While a lot of the trees and foliage in Yellowstone are evergreens, you’ll still see plenty of fall colors popping up during September that can make your backpacking excursion extra special. This is a version of Yellowstone not nearly as many people get to see, as autumn approaches and the greens of summer begin to change to oranges, yellows and reds.
  • Prices: Because the busy season is over, you’ll be more likely to find some great deals on rates if you go backpacking in September. These deals can be for hiking excursions themselves, or for some of the gear you’ll need to take with you out on the trails. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

These are just a few examples of some of the biggest benefits of going for a backcountry hike in September, rather than planning it during the summer months. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can plan out the backpacking adventure of a lifetime in Yellowstone National Park, we encourage you to contact Yellowstone Tour Guides today with any questions.