When Is the Yellowstone Tour Season?

Time away from the job improves your motivation to achieve more meaningful goals in life and have a better outlook on life. If you need some days off to go on vacation to refresh and enjoy yourself, you may want to know when Yellowstone is opening for the summer season so that you make your holiday arrangements right away.  

At the moment, Yellowstone is already open for summer. We have already begun their Lower and Upper Loop tours, and bookings for this year are ongoing.

The opportunity to experience the majestic and breathtaking nature of the Yellowstone National Park makes it the ideal place to consider for a vacation. 

The park has so much to see and enjoy, including the Old Faithful, Fountain Paint Pots, Firehole Lake, the Kepler Cascades, Firehole Falls, Norris Geyser Basin, Gibbon Falls, and many more.

However, without experienced tour guides to help you explore the park, you might get lost and ruin your experience at the park, especially if you are visiting for the first time. 

Why You Should Consider Yellowstone National Park Tour Guides

With the proper tour guides, you will be able to explore areas other visitors would not visit, especially the park’s unique backcountry and the inhabitants’ wildlife. 

Apart from ensuring that you visit these unique spaces, guided Yellowstone tours will also ensure safety in the park. There is nothing as nice as knowing that you and your family or friends will be able to return home safely after your tour. 

The tour guides will also provide other necessary support you may need, unlike if you are alone. Yellowstone Tour Guides will also allow you to choose from the various packages that fit your needs. 

What to Expect From a 7-Day Package

Below is a sample of a 7-day trip with short backpacking:

  • Day 1: Starts with flying into Bozeman, then transferring to Big Sky.
  • Day 2: This is an activity day, and you’re free to choose up to three activities. 
  • Day 3: Begins with a tour of the Western areas of Yellowstone and geyser basins, including Old Faithful, Firehole Lake, the Fountain Paint Pots, Firehole Falls, Norris Geyser Basin, Gibbon Falls, and the Kepler Cascades. You will then leave for the backcountry for a one-to-two-mile backpacking journey to a private place for dinner and breakfast around the fire.
  • Day 4: Touring sites on the Eastern side of the park, including West Thumb Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Lake, and the Mud Volcano, then move to the accommodation rooms.
  • Day 5: Touring the Hayden Valley, the Upper and Lower Falls, Tower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Dunraven Pass, and the Lamar Valley. After this, you will pack for 2 to 3 miles as you go to a designated place for dinner, breakfast, and another night under the stars.
  • Day 6: Touring the Yellowstone’s Northern Range, Undine Falls, the Petrified Tree Mammoth Hot Springs, the Golden Gate Canyon Rustic Falls, and Bridge, then travel out the North Entrance and back to Bozeman. There will be viewing of wildlife.
  • Day 7: Flying out of Bozeman, but you can stay in Gardiner and take advantage of the morning wildlife and a short hike if you have a late departure.

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