Now Is the Best Time to Set Up Multi-Day Yellowstone Tour Packages!

Planning on a Yellowstone visit this spring or summer? If so, get your plans made now, because our tours book up quickly!

That’s right, now is the best time to set up a multi-day tour package if you’re interested in one of our extended Yellowstone adventures in 2021. This is the time of year when we’re able to get the best hotel rates and campsites.

You can get a hold of our staff at [email protected] for assistance in planning your Yellowstone adventure this year. Keep in mind that Yellowstone is a massive park, so it’s best to stay in different locations to get the best experience. This will help you make a more active trip, and cut out some of the backtracking and driving you have to do.

Our team can help you plan out your entire trip, including lodging, backpacking, tour routes, alternate activities to take on and more. Fly into Bozeman, and we’ll handle the rest from there!

Here are a few examples of some of the multi-day Yellowstone tour packages we offer:

  • Simple two-day Yellowstone trips: Just here for a weekend or a quick visit? We can get you a great experience packed into a short timeframe to help you make the most of your limited time at the park. On day one, you’ll depart Big Sky or Bozeman and visit such sites as Firestone Falls, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, the Upper and Lower Falls, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Dunraven Pass, Crystal Falls and then stay overnight in Cooke City. On day two, you’ll see some early morning wildlife, take in Tower Falls and the Mammoth Hot Springs, see the Petrified Tree and enjoy a short day hike in the backcountry.
  • Seven-day Yellowstone trips: If you’re interested in a longer visit, we can plan out an entire seven-day adventure for you in Yellowstone that will give you extended time in the park that includes some of the must-see items and plenty of time for you to get into the backcountry and enjoy some of the solitude and wildlife of the park. Rates start at $1,500 per day for double occupancy and $2,000 per day for quad occupancy. We also offer seven-day trips that include short backpacking excursions.
  • Eight-day Yellowstone trips: Our eight-day trips add in Grand Teton National Park and Beartooth Highway, which are not usually included in our seven-day trips. You still have opportunities to add in time for backpacking, and you’ll have plenty of time to visit all the must-see sites in the park. Starting rates are the same as for the seven-day trips.
  • 10-day Yellowstone trips: Our 10-day trips spread out the adventure possibilities, including time in Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, WY, adding in many of the elements of the seven- and eight-day trips, with more adventure time and more time for you to relax and enjoy nature.

For more information about our multi-day tour packages or to book your visit in 2021, contact the team at Yellowstone Tour Guides today.