Yellowstone’s Interior Closes on March 15

If you’re thinking about touring Yellowstone in March, you’d better hurry. Yellowstone’s Interior closes on March 15th, making this the last date to visit Old Faithful by snow coach. You won’t be able to visit the park’s interior until the spring, starting in April and May.

Here are some of the winter tours you can take with our expert Yellowstone tour guides:

  • Winter wildlife adventure: Get up close and personal with Yellowstone’s wildlife, like bears, bison and wolves. Fly into Bozeman, MT for a two- to three-day trip around the Northern Range. We’ll take you around the park and to Old Faithful by snow coach. At night, you can enjoy soaking in the hot springs at one of the nearby resorts. It’s the perfect weekend getaway—but there are only a few weekends left until the roads close, so you need to act fast.
  • Photography tours: If you’ve been dying to brush up on your photography skills, and want to take a tour of Yellowstone’s spectacular landscapes and wildlife, join us for a photography tour. You’ll need to bring your long lenses, as we’ll stay back at least 25 to 100 yards from the wildlife. Receive instruction from a professional photographer who has been working in Yellowstone for over 10 years—and come home with a roll of amazing film!
  • Seven-day photo workshop: If you want a longer opportunity to photograph Yellowstone’s natural wonders, we also offer a seven-day photo workshop. These workshops take tourists through the interior by snow coach, and focus on the Northern Range and Gallatin District. Space is limited on these tours, so be sure to book as soon as possible.
  • Back country ski treks: Avid skiers should not miss our back country ski trips through the Gallatin District. We’ll pick you up and show you scenic trails for cross-country skiing, where you’ll enjoy seeing the wildlife and beautiful vistas.
  • Multi-day vacation packages: If our regular tours aren’t enough, we also offer multi-day vacation packages that can combine skiing, sightseeing and more. Visit resorts like Big Sky and Jackson Hole for anywhere from two to 10 days.
  • Day trips: Finally, we’re also happy to take you on day trips through the park. Stay in Big Sky and visit Jackson Hole or Grand Targhee Resort, all with the help of our knowledgeable Yellowstone tour guides.

Whatever you hope to see in Yellowstone, we can help you find it. Let us know if you want to combine any of these winter tours into one epic vacation. We’re happy to customize your experience. Whether you’ve visited Yellowstone many times or this will be your first visit to the area, Yellowstone Tour Guides will show you a whole new side to this national park.

Get in touch with us now to arrange a last-minute private tour to experience the best Yellowstone National Park has to offer in the wintertime. Time is running out before the roads close, so hurry—you won’t regret seeing everything Yellowstone has to offer at this time of the year!