Yellowstone to Suspend Tower Junction to Slough Creek

The authorities in Yellow National Park have issued a recent notification that beginning September 8, 2022, visitors are no longer required to get a day-use ticket to access the Tower Junction to Slough Creek. 

This means that guests of Yellowstone Tours can now enjoy driving through the 6-mile corridor between these two major points in the park. 

Limited Access as a Precaution

The required day-use tickets were first introduced in August, following the major flooding that inundated the park in June. It was meant to slowly allow access into the parts of Yellowstone that were heavily impacted by the flood, until such time that it was determined the area can handle an increased number of guests. 

Finally, after a month of observing limited flow through this corridor, Yellowstone authorities have now deemed it to be completely safe enough to remove the day-use ticket requirement.

A Bustling Corridor

This is definitely great news, especially for those looking forward to joining guided tours in Yellowstone. The corridor itself, after all, offers plenty of outdoor activities for everyone. 

From hiking to fishing, to auto touring, or wildlife watching, there’s no shortage of options for the intrepid explorer out for an adventure in Yellowstone. 

However, those driving down this corridor are advised that it leads to a dead end. This means that drivers of vehicles going in should be aware that they will need to use turnaround areas in the corridor, and that they are fairly limited.

As such, it is best to be mindful of the speed, as well as spotting these turnaround areas. Knowing where the turnarounds are is important depending on how heavy the crowds are that day and the traffic in this part of the park. 

Other Important Notices

Visitors would also do well to note that although the corridor is now openly accessible for all, there are still certain entrances that remain closed because of flood damage. 

The entrances that remain closed to access include the rest of the Northeast Entrance Road and the Lamar Valley side closest to Warm Creek. 

Meanwhile, the Gardiner and Montana entrances in the north, as well as the Cooke City/Silver Gate and Montana entrances in the northeast are open, but only to limited access and capacity.

To avoid the hassle, it’s best to coordinate with a professional Yellowstone tour guide group, so you can be sure to make the most out of your trip. While it’s great to see this beautiful and amazing national park recovering well, your safety as a visitor will always come first.