Yellowstone Tour Guides Provide “Voting Van”

It can be quite difficult for some residents of the ridgelines around Yellowstone National Park to get into town to vote. Some of those who live in Big Sky Mountain Village, for example, will have some of the longest drives in the country just to be able to vote, as the nearest polling place for Madison County residents is located in Ennis. Even though residents of Big Sky Mountain Village are able to see some of the county’s towns from up top at elevation, actually getting there can be a challenge, and may take a 90-minute to two-hour drive. This year, just like in every election for the last 19 years, Yellowstone Tour Guides is providing a free voting van for residents to make the trip to vote. The van stops at several bars along the way, including the Norris Bar in Norris, Stacey’s in Gallatin Gateway, the Cameron Bar in Cameron and the Den or Happy Hour north of West Yellowstone. In most years it is an opportunity not just to get down to town and cast your vote, but also a great opportunity to socialize along the way. There is a great group of “regulars” that makes it a point to use this service.

A few changes for the 2020 bus

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the trips to the bars were canceled for this year, but Yellowstone Tour Guides is still providing the van, with mask use required on board.

In addition, with Madison County being all mail-in ballots for the election this year, some people might not have gotten their ballots out in the mail in time for them to be counted. As such, they would need to travel to Virginia City to drop off the ballot in person at an official drop box to make sure the ballot gets counted on election day. The voting van provides that as a stop this year, so people can submit their absentee ballots in person.

Some seasonal employees at the Mountain Lodge may also wish to register to vote in the area. The voting van makes it easy for these employees to get to their registration location and get registered to vote so they can cast their ballot legally.

Registration for the voting van is simple—prospective users should simply call 406-995-2399 or email [email protected].

Don’t worry, the 2020 election isn’t the last time this service will be provided! It makes for a fun and efficient way for people to get into town to cast their votes without having to drive down the mountain roads themselves. If you’re interested in learning more about this service and the elections for which it is used, we encourage you to contact Yellowstone Tour Guides today with any questions you have.

Plan your vacation

Once you’ve joined us for voting, you may start thinking about planning an excursion in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Tour Guides is pleased to provide a variety of high-quality experiences in the park, along with tips for those who are looking to do some exploring off the beaten path. Reach out to learn more.