Yellowstone Tour Guides Trash Pickup 2020

Yellowstone Tour Guides recently began a new tradition, on very short notice.

One Saturday in October, a few tour companies from Gardiner, Livingston and Big Sky went into Yellowstone National Park with some locals and photographers for the very first Tour Company litter pickup in the park.

We hope this becomes a regular occurrence, and that our tour guides continue to come together to keep our park clean and looking great! We encourage all guests in the park to spend some time picking up any trash they see, and to leave their campsites clean for guests who arrive after them.

The Trash Pickup

The tour guide trash pickup was first developed by Cara McCary from In Our Nature Guiding Services. It quickly picked up steam, because it was such a great natural way for guides from the local companies to come together, spend some time in their favorite areas of the park and give them a little TLC.

Our very own Jim Holstein hopes to help Cara organize the next iteration of the event, and to add some companies from every side of the park. With just four days’ notice this year, we still managed to have a really impressive turnout. We’re hoping that by making it a regular occurrence, we’ll be able to have a veritable army of volunteers out in the park to pick up trash.

We also want to recognize the more than 50 local photographers and Gardiner residents who also came out to help pick up litter in the park. There was one lady from Georgia who decided to jump in to help when she saw one of the crews picking up litter.

It was a great day and such a great idea. We’re hoping that next year we can have an even bigger turnout to make for a great ice cream social afterward!

How Guests Can Help

In the meantime, we encourage all guests of the park to keep cleanliness and trash pickup a priority. Make sure to properly dispose of all trash at your campsite and leave it clean for the next person. Do this regularly the entire time you’re at your campsite so trash doesn’t get blown away or stolen by animals.

Additionally, when you’re out on the trails, do not leave trash lying around—put it back in your pack and have a special bag with you to collect your trash so you can easily dispose of it when you exit. There aren’t going to be any trash cans in the backcountry, so it’s on you to make sure you’re doing your part to keep the wilderness safe and clean.

Interested in learning more about how you can help to keep the park clean and preserve it for future generations? Contact us today at Yellowstone Tour Guides. We’d be glad to tell you more about 2020’s tour guides trash pickup, as well as anything you want to know about planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park. We look forward to hearing from you soon!