<strong>Packing for a Ski Trip – What to Bring and What to Leave Behind</strong>

Ski trips can be an exciting and unique vacation experience. To make the most of your upcoming trip, you need to know what to pack to stay comfortable and extend your fun time outdoors. This quick guide from our Yellowstone tour guides will help determine what to bring on a ski trip.

Things To Consider

If this is your first time skiing, you need to remember that skiing is more than just visiting a cold location. Skiing will require long amounts of time outdoors in very cold temps. You must have the proper clothing and equipment to ensure you enjoy yourself and stay comfortable and safe. In this case, clothing will be more than just a fashion statement, it is literally a safety measure. You can get injured by very cold temps on ski trips.

You can probably leave behind most of your fashionable outfits in exchange for practical gear that will protect you from the elements. 

Base Layers

If you have never participated in cold-weather outdoor sports or activities, you may not be familiar with base layers. Base layers are essential to consider when packing for a ski trip. After your underwear, the first layer you will need for each day outdoors will be a thermal base layer. These are worn closest to your skin and are your first line of defense against losing body heat.

A good thermal base layer will be thick and quick drying. Since you will be physically active, you will likely sweat. A quick dry thermal base layer will wick away this moisture to ensure you stay warm and dry.

Many cold-weather outdoor enthusiasts prefer merino wool base layers. Cotton thermals are not recommended as they do not dry quickly enough for outdoor sports and activities like a Yellowstone ski trip.

Fleece Layer

After the thermal base layer, you will need a fleece layer. Fleece works great at retaining heat. It is also helpful in wicking away body moisture. Choose a fleece layer that is easy to take off and put back on. As you ski, you will start to warm up, and you may want to shed a layer if you get too hot.

The most important thing when choosing fleece is to buy something that will fit comfortably under the outermost layer, which we will discuss next.

Ski Jacket

The ski jacket is the layer that everyone will actually see. So, if you want to make a fashion statement, do it here. The ski jacket is an important item you will pack for your trip. Remember, if you are going skiing, you specifically need a ski jacket. This type of jacket will provide features that other types of jackets simply do not, such as a snow skirt. This feature prevents snow from getting under the jacket.

Ski jackets will also have places to store your phone or electronic ski pass to ensure these items are safe and dry.

If this is your first ski trip, include ski-appropriate clothing in your ski budget. You simply cannot skimp on these essential items. Contact us to start planning your next adventure now!