The Most Popular Yellowstone National Park Tours

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful, iconic, and diverse locations in the world, Yellowstone National Park offers a plethora of incredible scenery, complete with everything from geysers to geothermal springs to mud pools. Encompassing more than 3400 miles, Yellowstone National Park is a true behemoth, and planning a visit requires conscientious care to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined, Yellowstone National Park is a bucket list visit for all. Keep reading to learn about the most popular Yellowstone National Park tours. 

Day Tour from Jackson or Teton Village

If time is not in your favor, this one-day tour will allow you to see the majority of Yellowstone’s top attractions within the Lower Loop, including Upper Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring, and the Fountain Paint Pots. For the best experience, opt for guided Yellowstone tours that include an expert to navigate you through the landmarks and discuss their history.

Snowmobile Tour

The majority of the park is inaccessible to four-wheeled vehicles, but snowmobiles are able to take those with an adventurous spirit off the beaten path to areas where the park’s larger animals like to roam, and the scenery is breathtaking. 

Rafting Adventure

Take to the water on a two-hour trip that will have you paddling Class II and III rapids while passing unbelievable sights like Electric Peak at 11,000 feet and Devil’s Slide. Running from May to August, these trips are age-appropriate for youngsters, with riders starting at the age of 12.

Photography Tours

Whether you are looking to spot wild animals or want to capture breathtaking scenery, a photography tour offers the best of both worlds. You’ll explore the park with a leading photographer as you search for moose, bears, wolves, and more along your route.

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